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Spark was created from the idea that everything began there…with a spark. A spark of curiosity, genius, hunger, inspiration…. Spark Studio is dedicated to improving the vitality of our clients and our community. Our mission is to be a catalyst to our students – sparking inquiry into living as healthier, balanced & authentic beings. We strive to offer a meaningful experience to all levels of practitioners.

We are committed to sharing the healing & rejuvenating benefits of our practices for personal transformation & growth. Spark Studio encourages continuing education for its teachers/instructors to share new and informative practices to continue our path to a whole and well-lived life.

Spark Studio is a non-competitive space encouraging all practitioners to journey through their practice, deepening their experience and nourishing the mind, body & spirit through breath awareness, centering & meditation, in addition to the asanas (postures).

Restore. Renew. Reignite.

J. SheffieldJennifer Sheffield, Founder/Teacher – RYT 200

Texan by blood, Louisianian by heart, Jennifer has always been involved and interested in physical fitness. Mostly focused on endurance & strength activities, Jennifer went back to yoga only a few years ago as a way to relax and find balance. After only a few classes she found both, and much more – clarity, energy, strength, ease, as well as confidence. Jennifer completed a 200-hour certification in Hatha Yoga, at Wild Lotus Soul School in New Orleans in April 2015. She immediately began teaching in public settings – gyms, yoga studios, corporate offices, parks, schools, golf courses and in the comfort of client’s homes. Jennifer is also certified in Tai Chi for Arthritis since September 2014.

Jennifer shares yoga with family and friends; frequently told by her children’s teachers that the kids were teaching yoga to friends at school or practiced their breath work! Jennifer aims to create a space in which students can disconnect from the outside world, that yoga is fun and inspiring and she challenges herself and others to take yoga off the mat and into the world.

“Spark is a place that I wanted to create where people can practice and find their spark again, to reignite. To find balance, clarity, creativity, thirst for life, information, love, awareness – WHATEVER it is that they feel they are missing. To feed that hunger that sets them on a productive, progressive, positive path. Yoga creates a space where one can let go, move & support the body, shift the mind and unite the soul to experience a feeling that may have been buried or, maybe, just missing for a while. When you feel good you live good”


Restore. Renew. Reignite.

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