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Online sign up is encouraged, but not required. Online sign up closes 10 minutes prior to class start time. If you have issues signing up online, please show up for class 15-30 minutes early to take care of registration in person. Plan to arrive not later than 15 minutes early to get settled. Click on the mobile App icon on the right side of the site to go to our App and get the most recent updates to classes and scheduling.

Avoid eating directly before class. Allow an hour before class for a light snack or 2-3 hours after a heavy meal. Yoga aides in digestion, you want to be comfortable & energized for class.

A mat ( limited loaners are available)and water or vessel for water; Spark Studio provides water in the lobby. You may want to bring a towel for hot classes. Please note that doors will close 5 minutes prior to class.

Most likely. It is very important to let your teacher know and your doctor has released you for exercise. Our teachers can can/will provide modifications for your practice to suit your needs. We cannot diagnose or treat injuries, but will do our best to help you work with them.

Be comfortable; but, avoid baggy clothing that may drape overhead when you bend over, etc. No shoes or socks in the studio, there are built-in cubbies to hold your personal items during class (yoga toes/socks allowed)

You’re in the right place. Yoga looks different in every body. While some may have their foot behind their head, Spark Studio’s focus and mission is to safely guide a class so that each individual may inquire & grow into their own ability on the mat.

Perfect! Feel free to speak with our certified yoga teachers who can answer your questions or concerns. It is important to always let the teacher know if you are new to yoga for their and your own benefit. Our Renew class is perfect starting point or ‘refresher’ and we encourage you to try out any beginner or foundational workshops .

Tai Chi is is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits. Tai Chi for Arthritis is an exercise that can relieve pain, improve health due to the low-impact, weight-bearing, aerobic exercise. The essential principles of tai chi include mind and body integration, fluid movements, controlled breathing and mental concentration. Tai chi consists of slow continuous whole-body movements in a series that make up a routine. Several of Tai Chi’s benefits include but are not limited to – improvement of physical condition, muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility; improvement of balance and decreases the risk of falls; eases pain and stiffness; improves sleep; and for overall wellness.

There are many, but a quick list of benefits would include:

  • Increased Flexibility, Strength & Balance
  • Stress relief & increased sense of well-being
  • Better breath control & function
  • Presence
  • Mental Clarity & Inner peace
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Weight management
  • Improved circulation
  • Pain relief

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