My struggle with meditation has been a long tug of war in the past since making YOGA my work.  I also know I’m not alone. There are some of our students that fall right into it, GET IT (always; or you look convincing) and some that I smile inside and I know we’re in the same boat. Some days I feel great about it – do not mistake that for meditation is a daily practice for me; It should be, it needs to be, but again the STRUGGLE. The tug of family life, business, personal, the shiny objects that distract me too often are that constant ‘rope burn’ I feel with the practice. However, last fall I did a 21-day challenge lead by Deepak Chopra & Oprah – highly trendy, I know, but, I knew it was aimed at the mainstream; therefore, baseline info and an opportunity to not only challenge myself but also help me as a teacher for those struggling as well. So, I will not go into all 21 days, however, a little glimpse into a busy-body/Type A/ADD, yoga teachers 21-day meditation challenge. This is an excerpt I wrote on Day 2, after a great Day 1- 18min. meditation in which I stayed with it – my breath, my mantra, sitting easy/still, all the GOOD stuff you hear about – it happened on Day 1….then,

Type A’s the struggle is REAL….but it’s essential. So I am doing a 21 day-meditation challenge as we move into the holiday season…it will be good for me, for the holiday cheer/frenzy and it’s a challenge! I’m on day 2….here is a stream of thought during my meditation with intermittent bursts of clarity and repeating my mantra….

First 3 minutes(ish) paying attention to breath, repeating mantra Shara Vana Ya (attuning myself to the flow of life – centering thought)…

‘This Sunday I’m going to clean out the files – that would make me feel purged and cleansed – out with the old shit! In fact I will clean out the study…I keep meaning to put together a calendar for weekly room purge/clean-ups; Oh, I haven’t gotten to AK’s closet…wait Shara Vana Ya, Shara Vana Ya – belly in-out….I need to make a journal for my hair and when it’s doing better than other days especially as seasons change – I wonder what ‘my Derm’ uses on her hair? We should invite them to dinner theatre…when is the next one? – I need to put those on my calendar, I also need to make an appointment for Botox. (Open eyes because I forgot my mantra) back to breathing and mantra….I need to get shoe sizes for mom, so-and-so, godmother, mother-in-law, oh and for XX because those slippers are really cute for Christmas and sale is until, ummmm, shoot- when? Oh and I could do college colors for Sarah….Shara Vana Ya I really need to focus more on meditating. That should be a New Year’s resolution – meditation. I should make it a goal to focus on finding a meditation retreat…I wonder how XX is from yoga teacher training …how much time is left (open eyes) oh wow I’ve been at this for 18.53 minutes….well, not technically because Oprah talked then Deepak…I’ll get this shit straight by 21 days. I should make a Facebook post for the studio so people can see how easy this is…kind of, but that it’s normal(ish) to have all these thoughts…right? (envision a Ashley Longshore (artist) piece of my face meditating with all this shit popping out of my head with her signature flowers, butterflies, pearls and stuff….bell rings – SHARA VANA YA!

This is Meditating.  I’ve got work to do.

As I re-read through this I can link how these thoughts come to be and why – as I know if you made it through all that you are thinking WTH!?!?!?! This is a reminder to notice my thoughts and why I went there, to organize my thoughts and to just SLOW down! Still working on it.

Happy February y’all – stay tuned to some updates below – we had a great Spark SIPS event – just getting out in the community with our fellow yogis and hanging out. Hope to see you at the next one and the week before at our 2nd Birthday Party! Thank you to each and every one of you that supports Spark, our mission & your own wellness!

UPDATED Schedule & Upcoming Events

MONDAY: SPARKed FLOW @ 5:45pm with Kelsy – please provide feedback on classes!

MARDI GRAS! Tuesday 10:30am – Feb.13th – KIDS Yoga

Look for dates on Yoga Sculpt – yoga with weights upcoming Pop-up classes in February, plans to add to the schedule in March!

NOTABLE DATES:  Thursday 2/15 – We’re 2 – Come celebrate with us!

6am & 9am classes
4-8pm: Lululemon trunk show
5:30-7:30pm PARTY!
(Food, drinks, chair massages, taste testings from Magnolia Spa & a raffle for a Silk Peel from Dean Derm! See below for quick info.)

**REMINDER 4th Thursdays of the month join us – Spark SIPs – Feb 22 6:30 location TBD!**

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*Look ahead for new events coming up: Yoga Sculpt; Creating Flow: An intermediate workshop, March Madness challenge, etc. in the upcoming months – let us know what you would like to see at Spark Studio!

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Little Lagniappe…Click HERE for those looking to start a meditation practice OR struggling with meditation.

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