Happy NEW Year! We are so excited & here to help you step into the new year supporting your intentions, transformations & goals you have set for yourself; we’re also here if you slide off track & need some encouragement to get back to it!

January can sometimes feel a bit bleak & daunting after the holiday hustle, stress, indulgences, as we are suddenly thrown back into the routine & setting BIG goals/aspirations/dreams/intentions, etc. and all the twinkly lights have been taken down (I personally think those resolutions would last longer if the décor stayed up!).  However, January is a clean slate – a fresh start!  If yoga continues to be on your list, or, is something NEW on your list consider,  what your true intention behind that is (there is no right answer!).  I often hear people talk about what they didn’t know yoga would do for them, and I LOVE, LOVE it! Yoga has the power to transform not only our bodies, but our minds too.  Allow yoga to push you into new territories this year – inquire more from yourself, your heart, your body and see what gets written on your slate for 2018.

I hope that we continue seeing you’re faces in the studio this month with whatever your new year holds in store for you. A couple updates to the schedule – only one time change on Fridays (10AM RENEW) and a few change-ups of classes in the evenings. We have a kids class Thursday, Jan. 4th – please spread the word and register!

Happy New Year to you all – much love and many blessings to each of you!

UPDATED Schedule & Upcoming Events

Check out our updated schedule below! Begins January, 2nd 2018. Changes include:

MONDAY: REIGNITE @ 5:45pm with Kelsy
TUESDAY: Rise & RENEW @ 6am w/ Kelsy (Must have 3 registered by 8pm prior)
FLOW & RESTORE @ 5:45PM w/Kelsy
THURSDAY: Rise & RENEW at 6am w/Kelsy (Must have 3 registered by 8pm prior)
FRIDAY: RENEW @ 10:00am w/Melane

****4th Thursdays of the month join us for a Spark social – outside the studio!****

1/17 & 1/22 NO Tai Chi

*Look ahead for new events coming up: Spark’s 2nd Birthday!; Creating Flow: An intermediate workshop, March Madness challenge, etc. in the upcoming months – let us know what you would like to see at Spark Studio!

Stay connected! The MindBody App keeps you on schedule!

Essential Oils in the house! Peppermint, Thieves & Stress Away oils are in studio for sale.  If you have questions about other oils or how to order let us know! Or click HERE.

Little Lagniappeclick HERE a guided 10 minute meditation for setting intentions for the New Year!


Or, HERE  for a road map to living with INTENT as you step into the New Year. And maybe you’ll snag a copy of Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy by Mallika Chopra and read along with Jennifer!


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