2017 is coming to a close. But we still have a few weeks left & wont they be so FULL! Have you put yourself on ‘the list’? Why NOT!?!?! For some reason we feel a sense of guilt when we consider self- care.  Self-care is the act of doing something mindfully to care for yourself.  We have all heard the saying ‘you can’t take care of someone else if you haven’t taken care of yourself’.  Whether you are celebrating a holiday this time of year or not, I bet you are planning. Planning travel, shopping trips, activities, 2018 resolutions, deadlines, vacations, taxes, Mardi Gras (really!?!), etc.  But have you put yourself on that list?  It’s simple & can be guilt free- its well-deserved & you will benefit more then you realize right now. Find a minute in your day (there is one) right when you wake up, at your desk, before you eat, showering, or maybe when everyone is in bed take a minute or three if you have it, and BREATHE. Just the simple act of breathing – mindfully – can be very beneficial. Notice how it feels to expand & contract with the breath in the body; how you shift & move as you breathe & how the breath actually feels. Then as you can incorporate this into your routine begin noticing any subtle differences – maybe how you relax more quickly or whats making you fidget today or knowing you will be so balanced/clear-headed afterwards…begin a WORK-IN (v. work-out) this holiday season. And if you find a few other moments – try taking a nap, a long bath with oils, read a book, go on a walk, meditate, YOGA, disconnect, book a massage or mani/pedi – yep you too boys–we see your stinky feet too.  Whatever you can fit in – I hope you make your ‘list’ or set an intention to prioritize yourself this year- you deserve it, most definitely!

THANK YOU to all those that have helped provide feedback on the surveys that went out last week. Still a bit of time to get in your info! I apologize for a few glitches; if you DID NOT write in in the comments other times/days that work for you, please feel free to call, text, email, etc. to let me know of any other info you’d like to share- it will be considered! PLEASE register for classes- our teachers have families lists to knock out so we appreciate the heads up on classes!  And, if you have family or friends in town BRING ‘EM – we always welcome ALL levels & can accommodate newcomers to our classes! As, always we thank you for your patronage, cheers, stories, ideas, referrals & practice. YOU are the teachers & we’re grateful!

Class Updates

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Rise & RENEW – Please note AFTER12/7, NO 6AM classes for the holiday season- back in January!
HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE 12/14 @10:30 -12:30 Melane’s house – meet us for lite brunch & some beverages: 209 S. Williams Ave – see below.

*Look ahead for new events coming up: Creating Flow: An intermediate workshop, etc. in the upcoming months – let us know what you would like to see at Spark Studio!

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Scheduling SURVEY: Please take a few minutes to complete our survey if you haven’t already– sent via email & a post on FB.  Thank you to those of you that have filled it out- we’ve had a great response! This info will help us serve your health & wellness needs better!
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