I came across….some words (?) (for lack of a better, errr words) the other day while reading a magazine. I shortly came back to it & found myself reading, & reading, & then re-reading it some more. Here you go,

The Power of BALANCE
This is the work of our breath. The beauty of mind over mat. It has the power to bring a balanced perspective to all of life. and all we have to do is show up, focus, and breathe.

I know, I know…nothing MIND BLOWING, maybe even ‘meh’; but, coming from a person that gets ‘all caught up’ sometimes – simplicity is key. BALANCE is key. Isn’t that what yoga is about, also. I can find too many parallels of yoga & life (I know, I’ve put them in the newsletters before!) but, when we set our intentions, our goals/dreams/mile marker/plan/etc. what do we need to do – SHOW UP. FOCUS. BREATHE.  We have folks in classes all the time – the newbie/PROs, regulars, go-getters, zen-masters, I-will-never-touch-my-toers, etc. & the lesson is always the same – to connect, so that your practice can be the most beneficial. If you want to be ‘good’ at yoga, to ‘get-it’, to ‘relieve stress’ with yoga….you have to get to the studio, SHOW UP on your mat, FOCUS & tune into yourself & then, just BREATHE!  Same as life’s opportunities & challenges. What does the fast approaching fall hold in store for you? What opportunities and challenges are presented – do your SWOT analysis 🙂 – & see how this can be applied to find more balance in life.  I think I found my mantra for the ever-BUSY fall;  likely to hear this in your classes coming up!

Important to note – CLASS time changes beginning Monday 8/14! Hopefully we’ve kept them consistent for those of you that have a set routine. However, be sure to note the schedule. All evening classes have been bumped back to 5:45 to give our worker-bees a bit more time as 5:30 seemed to bring them in HOT with not much down time to make it with traffic, wardrobe changes/malfunctions, etc. hope this helps! Be sure to Register for classes- if we need to reach those registered we can easily send out a text/email.  Thank you all for your love, support, smiles & faces – we truly enjoy each and every one that steps in our doors!

Class Updates

Stay connected moving into the fall & teacher/school schedules we’ve updated class times! This new schedule will BEGIN MONDAY, AUGUST 14th –   MindBody App keeps you on schedule!

Reignite: M/W 8:15AM
Mellow Flow: M/W 10:00am
Tai Chi: M/W 11:15am
Renew: M 5:45pm,
           T 6am, 9am & 5:45pm 
           Th 6am 5:45pm (after SUP ends)
           Fri 8:15am 
           Sat 9am
Restore: W 5:45pm
SUP yoga: Th 7pm (thru Aug)

Rise & RENEW classes MUST sign in before 10pm the night before & cancel before 5am!
SUP yoga – PLEASE register! We need to have at least 3 registered for the class to make due to set-up. 

Please remember: The best way to stay up-to-date on class changes is by checking the schedule online or downloading the Mindbody Connect App (link on our website or click HERE).

Summer cooling - Ayruvedic Recipe

SUP YOGA – We will continue with SUP into August – please note the time change to 7pm due to heat! REGISTRATION needed in order to make the class we need to have 3 registered. 
BEGINNER SERIES – The beginner series was a HIT! thank you to all that participated. We are looking at holding another series/workshop and are looking at potentially doing so on a Sunday. Please send us feedback as to if there is interest, if a 1 day workshop works for you – we have an ongoing list of inquiries of those that weren’t able to make the July series.
DONATION Class: 8/31 6pm @ SPARK– In conjunction with our good friends at Lotus in the Pines, we’ll be hosting a DONATION class for the Campti Field of Dreams, a 501c3 non profit organization – find out more HERE. Class by donation, ALL amounts welcome; suggested $20.
REMINDER – Rise & RENEW – Sign in by 10PM the evening prior. CANCELLATIONS must occur by 5AM the morning of class. Class will be cancelled if no one is registered for class. Unfortunately, if you are registered & do ot show up you will be charged for the missed class.

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